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Material Handling Systems: Different Types and Applications

Date Added: June 30, 2009 11:07:47 PM
Category: "M": Material Handling

Material handling systems are created in order to provide quicker automation services for several enterprises.  They are essential parts for the material handling process.  The systems will bring much comfort and ease on the part of the client especially those concerning how to automate company facilities.  At times, if the client is lucky enough, the materials handling team will take care of the installation of the desired machinery for the business. 

The system actually involves a set of services that clients will favor for their existing businesses.  It involves system design and integration, factory automation, warehousing solutions and factory upgrade.  Automatic guided vehicles, automated storage and retrieval systems and order fulfillment systems are common types of material handling systems.  Below is an explanation of each of these types and the applications where it is utilized.

Automates storage and retrieval systems

This system minimizes labor and utilization of floor space while vertical space is maximized.  This is considered one of the contributors to the success of businesses worldwide.  It is very efficient in reducing human intervention as it improves the company's performance and accuracy. 

Applications for this type of material handling system are varied.  The manufacturing process makes use of modern applications to increase efficiency in production, work-in-process storage and just-in-time delivery services.  For archival and security applications, the system serves well by providing vaults where valued material may be sourced out for future consumption.  In the world of electronics, it is capable of handling operation without the need for manual intervention.  Other areas where this system is used are in production of food and beverages and conventional warehousing.

Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles are types of material handling systems growing popularly in several industries.  It includes counterbalance and unit load vehicles as well as specialty style vehicles.  Robotic transporters are employed to do the entire job and are based on Windows applications.  The most common applications for AGV are aerospace, automotive, mail processing, manufacturing, plastics and warehousing industries.

Other types of systems for the material handling process

Aside from the above-mentioned types of material handling systems, there are other kinds included in the list.  Order fulfillment systems are used in order to handle concerns of clients when it comes to the ordering process.  This may either be operator-assisted or fully automated.  Another is the sorting system which is a crucial portion of the distribution system.  This is essential in order to work with timetables and produce high quality goods for industries relying upon these systems.  Conveyors, logistics software, and palletizing or depalletizing are also examples of systems for the material handling process.


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