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Second Hand Machinery: Different Types for Various Industries

Date Added: June 22, 2009 10:26:06 PM
Author: IndustrialCOOP
Category: "M": Machine Tools & Machinery

A lot of people see the value of using machine and other equipment to facilitate an operation.  In one's day-to-day activity, there is always a particular gadget that makes the workload bearable and more convenient.  In large companies, the real use of machines is highly regarded by workers.  When these institutions do not make use of second hand machinery anymore, then it is high time to find ways to earn profit from the investment.

Second hand machinery is useful both for the buyer in the seller.  On the seller's part, it means yielding profit even if the machine is no longer of use to them.  On the part of buyers, it means lesser cost provided they will be able to purchase highly-functional machinery.  There are a lot of venues where second hand machines are sold.  In fact, they open opportunities for buyers and sellers to find each other.

Machines for the paper and pulp industry

Buying second hand machines for the paper or pulp industry is a wise investment.  Choices for the paper industry range from ball mills, coating plants and units, conical refiners, core strippers, chalk dispersing equipment and headbox fan pumps to double disc refiners, granite rolls, groundwood grinders, peroxide bleaching lines for groundwood and pulpers.  There is also a list of second hand equipment for machine calendars, pressure screens, pulp filters, reel wrapping lines, web dampening systems and pressure thickeners.

For the pulp industry, products such as bleaching washers, pulp cylinder press, disc refiners and diffuser washers are available on second hand basis.  Pressure washers, recovery boilers and screen thickeners are also available in these options.

Equipment for power plants and elevators, conveyors and transmissions

For power plants there are certain second hand machines that are sure to work.  Examples of which are feed water pumps, feed water softening filters, fuel oil storage and pumping systems, natural gas burners, package steam boilers, steam pressure valves and steam and water turbine generators.  As for elevators, conveyors and transmissions, samples of second hand machinery include chain conveyors, crane bridges and pneumatic conveyor systems.

Other types of machines available on a second hand basis

There are other types of second hand machinery depending on the industry where it is to be used.  The list includes cut to size saws, edge tonguing and grooving lines and lacquering lines.  Other industries that will surely take advantage of these options are the building, chemical and food industries. Tanks and pumps as well as electric engines and converters may also be found on the list.


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