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Plastic Fasteners - Common Types to Take Note Of

Date Added: June 22, 2009 08:43:22 PM
Author: IndustrialCOOP
Category: "F": Fasteners and Hardware

When people hear the word plastic fasteners, what actually comes to mind are those that are often used to file papers inside a folder. Much more than this particular application though, there are other types in this industrial product. These fasteners are made from nylon and may be available in different colors.

The most common examples of plastic fasteners are bushings, spacers, screws and studs, nuts and pins. Even a Christmas tree may have a plastic clip in it. Some manufacturers integrate custom tooling and molding techniques to produce the fasteners. Here are some of the most common types for this industrial product.

Self-sealing fasteners

These plastic fasteners are important tools in order to seal and lock two things together. Aside from plastic, self-sealing fasteners may be made out of alloys, stainless steel, bronze, brass, carbon steel and aluminum. To make it resist corrosion, finishes are made on the product. Two types are popular choices - threaded fasteners and rivets.

The most important examples of thread fasteners are screws. A screw is a piece of metal with a tapering threaded body and grooved head. It is usually turned or rotated in order to fasten two things together.

The rivet on the other hand is comprised by the headed pin and the point that passes through a certain material. When the point is pressed, a second head is usually formed. This fastener is usually attached to a metal shaft.

More specific types

Bushing is a plastic fastener at the same time a type of bearing. It has different types namely the threaded insert and plain bearings. It is commonly applied in vehicles in order to minimize transmission noise and vibration. Bushings are designed variably depending on where it will be used.

Pins are also specific examples of a plastic fastener. It is a tool to put two materials together and is commonly made out of copper or brass. A pin is comprised of a sharpened tip out of a thin wire. A plastic head is often used to complete the look. Common applications include push pins used on a cork board.

Of course, the list of plastic fasteners will not be complete without clips included on it. Clips are described as gripping devices used in order to clasp two loose things together. Familiar examples are paper clips used in order to clip a paper inside a folder or to clip two pieces of paper together. Some also call these products as fastener clips.


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