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Computer Touchscreens: Different Components that Make it Work

Date Added: November 24, 2009 11:23:57 PM
Category: "C": Computers & Equipment

Nowadays, people do not just crave for ordinary gadgets. Every time a new product comes out in the market, everyone wants to purchase it. In line with this, computer touchscreens are becoming popular as well. With just a simple touch, the gadget already works.

Much more than the concept of touching the screen, there are a lot of other things you must take note of in computer touchscreens. Part of your assignment is learning the components that actually make it work. If you want to interact directly with a certain program through your fingers or hands, you should discover more about this industrial product.

Main components in touchscreen systems

There are generally the same components in touchscreen systems. The first one is the touch sensor that acts as the actual reason why a computer monitor can respond to the touch of a human hand. It is usually made of a glass panel designed to be sensitive to touch. Electric current runs into the system through the aid of transducers.

Other than the touch sensor, main components include a PC card and the software driver. The PC card is that component that acts as a mediator in between the touch sensor and the personal computer. The controller converts the code into a more readable format. This can be installed inside or outside the touchscreen.

The software driver on the other hand, is responsible in breaking down information to give instructions to the operating system. This allows the touchscreen to work the same way as the computer mouse does. In certain instances, cables may be required within a system that requires touchscreen functions. More often than not however, no additional programs are required in the technology.

The computer monitor or display screen

Last but not the least among main components for computer touchscreens is the computer monitor. The touchscreen technology can operate only upon any of these two functions. First, the computer monitor itself may have a built-in touchscreen system. In another instance, it may be that an overlay or another panel is added to the display screen.

With all these components in computer touchscreens, a lot of industries have seen the ease in disposing off its tasks. Some of the industries depending upon the use of touchscreen systems are tourism displays, kiosks and all sorts of public information systems. The technology is also seen in airports where people are allowed to use the facility in checking-in their luggage. Some supermarkets also make use of touchscreen technologies in their checkout counters.


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