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Automation Systems: Different Tools for Different Functions

Date Added: November 24, 2009 11:23:20 PM
Category: "A": Automation & Robotics

Automation systems have adapted several mechanized techniques in order to make sure that all of the hassles brought about by manual work will be handled easier and more precisely. While these mechanisms are integrated into the system, it does not mean that the work of human hands will no longer be needed. Up to now, operators are said to be a lot of help to automated machines.

To these days, the importance of automation systems can already be felt by individuals and by industries. Banking transactions, manufacturing tasks, telecommunication needs and a whole lot more of daily essentials are thankful for the presence of this concept. Because of the different functions that the system can perform, it is quite obvious that there are also different tools to take note of.

The artificial neural network in an automated system

The artificial neural network is the tool for mathematical and computational concerns. These tools function the same way as biological neurons do. The good thing about this system is it can adapt very well both for the needs of internal and external environments. This concept is popular in e-mail spam filters, car control systems, finance trading systems and in speech pattern recognition.

The distributed control type of automated system

This type of system works with the aid of different controls within a workplace. The tools are spread out in such a way that the particular system part that needs monitoring will be addressed properly. This is basically important in continuous manufacturing processes as well as in traffic light systems and oil refinery concerns.
Other types of automation systems

There are three more types of automated systems. The first one is known as the human machine or user interface. This system is said to be dependent on a series of human interaction. In a clearer picture, a human being may dictate what is to be delivered by the system thereby he takes charge of the input while the system delivers the output. This is said to be highly critical in ATM functioning.

There is also the so-called programmable logic controller. Since this one is more of a real time system, expect that a timeframe is set by which the machine should perform its functions. These ones are said to be very important in amusement park operations.

Last but not the least, there is also the so-called supervisory data and control acquisition or SCADA automation systems. This one is larger and wider in scope and has smaller components or subsystems. This is definitely good for the proper functioning of an entire manufacturing site.


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