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EMI Shielding: Different Types of Materials for Different Shielding Methods

Date Added: November 24, 2009 11:22:40 PM
Category: "E": EMI Shielding

The choice of the right EMI shielding material is important in order to deliver the real purpose of an EMI shield. You know very well how EMI can be destructive in that they can cause radiation in electronic devices. As an end result, the gadget may malfunction during its operations. Instead of removing what actually obstructs the functioning of the component, adding an EMI shield will be better.

To yield best results for EMI shielding, manufacturers of certain machines should look for the best materials depending on the shielding method employed. Luckily, there are different types of materials to take note of. Here are some of them.

Materials for metal plate shielding

Metal plate shielding is one of the shielding methods that can be employed in an electrical system. It does not serve only as an EMI shield but also as a vital component of a corrosion resistance strategy. In this process, there are three important things to consider. First is to make sure that there is an appropriate resin system employed. Next is the type of release agent utilized in the process. Third is to make sure that each of the components can fit well within the coating bath.

The metal plate EMI shielding process can be done according to standards. There are 20 coating baths with different chemical solutions. Electroplating is also used in the process to achieve the desired thickness of the material. Etching on the other hand, is crucial when making sure that the metal is bonded well to its corresponding composite substrate.

Other methods and their corresponding materials for EMI shields

While metal plate shielding is a very popular EMI shield method, there are yet other types that an electrical system may employ. For one, the so-called utilization of carbon fibers in low-level EMI shields may be used in order to result to moderate levels of conductivity. A variation to this is the use of nickel-plated carbon fibers where improvement of electrical conductivity is assured while higher shielding degrees are achieved.

Other materials considered in EMI shielding methods are metallic mesh and conductive paint spray. Metallic mesh is one that is helpful in achieving better EMI protective shielding for a certain electronic system. When speaking of the conductive spray material, you will be able to perform flame spraying in order to provide protection for a surface layer. But since the spraying of the surface layer is limited, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion methods should be employed.


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