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Supercapacitors: Different Designs and Applications for this Double-Layer Capacitor

Date Added: November 17, 2009 07:51:55 PM
Category: "E": Electrical Supply

Capacitors are often the same in function as batteries since they provide temporary charges to a certain electric appliance or device. Despite this obvious similarity however, capacitors are different in the sense that they offer a wide array of designs to industries that depend upon it. One such design to consider is those that have double layers otherwise known as supercapacitors.

When compared to the usual capacitors that you know of, supercapacitors are capable of handling and storing higher densities of energy. A very simple yet good example is the fact that regular capacitors are counted based on micro-farads while those double-layered versions are rated according to farads. These industrial products may be better understood through its designs and applications.

Designs for double-layer capacitors

When a very high capacitor charge is used in order to power up a very small gadget, the supercapacitor is said to be doing its work. These electrically conductive layers of capacitors are somehow questioned for their low voltage tolerance. In fact, there are instances when the voltage cannot reach higher than one volt. In order to increase the voltage, an organic electrolyte may be used.

Depending on the material used in the dielectric, the performance of supercapacitors may also be affected. You may decide in between activated carbon and aluminum. Those made from aluminum are said to produce a greater surface area than those of activated carbon. Since double-layer capacitors require coping with a large surface area, aluminum is obviously favored. Aside from this material however, there are continuous studies conducted to come up with dielectric materials that can cope with large surface areas.

Applications for double-layer capacitors

Double-layer capacitors were traditionally very useful as railroad engine starter devices. But as developments are undergone by these capacitor types, even handheld gadgets and appliances make use of them already. Add to that the fact that the automobile industry have seen a betterment in automobile production through the aid of these industrial products. These are highly crucial in defending electric engines and their corresponding parts from voltage fluctuations.

For industries using primary batteries, supercapacitors are of great help as well. They are important when there are temporary power interruptions in an enterprise. A supercapacitor may also enhance the power supply of a battery once they are attached parallel to a battery's terminal. With this, the industry may maintain steady electrical output levels. Furthermore, they can raise performance of batteries whenever the enterprise has high demands for it.


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