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Cleanroom Accessories: Different Types to Use inside the Provision

Date Added: November 17, 2009 07:49:37 PM
Category: "C": Cleanrooms & Equipment

Cleanrooms always see to it that workers and facilities are protected from harm. In line with this goal of the provision, cleanroom accessories have been made. All of these are created to protect a user from head to foot.

Cleanroom accessories have a list of tools, garments and equipment that may be utilized by the worker inside the area. These items protect facilities from outside interference. Find out more about each of these essentials inside the provision.

Clean wipes – accessories for equipment

When it comes to the cleanroom area itself, the tools that workers use need to pass through a series of cleaning processes. It is important that even pencils and papers should undergo these procedures to get rid of graphite flakes that may cause any cleanroom tool to bug down. In this regard, one may opt to invest on clean wipes. These clean wipes need to be sterilized and should be used in cleanroom tools and equipment that are thought to have contacted unwanted dust and dirt particles.

Cleanroom garments – accessories for workers

Aside from accessories that are used for cleanroom tools and equipment, a specialized set of clothing is made to form part of cleanroom accessories. These garments are specialized in the sense that they make sure that people in the work area will be safe.

One important cleanroom garment is the goggle. These are said to protect a worker's eyes from any particles or hazards inside the workplace. There are also cleanroom head covers that are following the bouffant style while some have full head covers with an added cap for the use of stringent environments.

Going down to a worker's body, coveralls, shirts and pants are wise investments. These accessories are chosen for the cleanroom depending on the classification it belongs to. For instance one with a very low rating should have their workers use coveralls together with taped cuffs. Those with higher ratings may simply invest on a shirt and a pant for their workers. Remember however that all these cleanroom garments should be made out of synthetic fibers.

Last but not the least for garments under cleanroom accessories are gloves and cleanroom shoes. Gloves are used for the hands of the worker and should have a latex material. In cases when the worker is allergic to latex, any latex substitute may be considered. As for the cleanroom shoes, these are footwear types that are exclusive for cleanroom use only. They are often worn once the worker has to do his respective assignment inside the provision.


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