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DVI Cable Connectors: Various Types of Connectors and Cables for the Product

Date Added: November 17, 2009 07:46:10 PM
Category: "C": Cables & Assemblies

With the existence of DVD players, HD televisions and digital cables in the market, another type of cable connector has been made. These ones are popularly known as Digital Visual Interface Cable Connectors or DVI cable connectors. These connectors were made to respond to the more technical needs of these specific systems. They cope well with interconnected systems thus allowing digital components to get connected to different types of displays.

DVI cable connectors can be broken into two sections. The first one is known as the DVI connector while the second one is the DVI cable. Under these two sections, you will find a variety of types. Knowing about these two sections will help you set apart a DVI cable connector from that of the High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI system.

Different DVI connector types

The most basic of all DVI connectors in the market have a width of 37 mm. This is accompanied by 24 pins of which 12 pins are vital in single link connections. In cases, where you have to involve analogs, you need an additional of four pins to be integrated into the standard design.

DVI connector types come in a variety though. This is apart from the standard connector type mentioned above. The types include DVI-I single and dual links; DVI-D single and dual links; and DVI-A.

The DVI-I single and dual links for DVI cable connectors are vital both in analog and digital connections. The difference between the two lies in the number of pins integrated in the output. As for the DVI-D single and dual links, these are connectors that do not have any contact component. Lastly, the DVI-A version is one that is used for analog applications. It contains three rows with three, four and five pins respectively.

Different DVI cable types

Completing the DVI cable connectors are different DVI cable types. These cables are made depending on the type of display interference for which they will be utilized. But if you will look into the different types of DVI connectors, you will be able to assess the type of DVI cable to make use of.

For instance, if you have a DVI-D connector, you may look for a DVI-D or DVI-I cable. The DVI-A connector on the other hand may also work through its partnership with either a DVI-A cable or a DVI-I cable. As for the DVI-I connectors, they are compatible to any type of DVI cable.


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