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Electrical Power Connectors: Get to Know Its Various Types under Two General Categories

Date Added: November 10, 2009 05:24:39 PM
Category: "E": Electrical Supply

Electrical power connectors are critical to the functioning of batteries as well as power grid supplies. These are sub-categorized into two general types known as voltage dependent and individual types. Learn more about the different types found under each general category.

Electrical power connectors are relevant in a wide range of applications. In fact, they may come in different forms ranging from small batteries to large power grid supplies. In order to cope with the needs of various industries that depend upon them, these power connectors need to have various forms as well. This is the best way to render the purposes for which they are made.

In the simplest sense, electrical power connectors are subcategorized according to the amount of voltage the connector possesses. But, there are also classifications for individual types of power connectors. Below you will find the subcategories under these two general classifications.

Power connectors according to voltage amount

In this general category, you will find three different types of electrical power connectors. These are light duty, heavy duty and medium duty. To understand these three types further, it pays to take a look at the amount of voltage they can handle.

A light duty power connector is one that can withstand up to 250 volts of current. These are commonly seen in cars, communication devices and radios. In order to function best, the connectors must be freed from contaminants.

A medium duty power connector on the other hand is one that carries up to 1,000 volts of current. Since this voltage amount is higher than the light duty power connector, expect that it can be utilized for larger applications. Examples of which can be seen in different domestic and industrial functions.

The heavy duty electric power connector carries the highest voltage of current that can reach as high as hundreds of kilovolts. Because of this huge amount of current that it can handle, the product may be used for large applications. Circuit breakers, power supply distribution systems and power management technologies rely upon this connector type.

Power connectors and its individual types

As for this general category for electrical power connectors, there are six types to consider. First on the list is the AC connector that provides a link between the power outlet and a device. The DC connector, a second individual type is one that is available in different variants. The third type is the wire connector that takes charge of putting one or two wires together to have one connection point. Three more types are: plug and socket connectors with the usual male and female component; blade connectors that work with the aid of the blade receptacle; and insulation-piercing connectors making use of fully covered wires.


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