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Electrical Power Connectors: Some Instances that Make them Fail

Date Added: November 03, 2009 03:34:55 PM
Category: "E": Electrical Supply

Electrical power connectors can be relied upon for the proper functioning of an electrical appliance or an electronic component. Therefore, if these systems fail, then the entire functioning of other products will fail as well. These failures can be caused by both electrical and mechanical environments. While this is sad to note, you have to know about the instances that make the output fail so you may be able to deal with them accordingly later on.

There are three common instances that make electrical power connectors fail. First is known as stress relaxation. Another one is corrosion and the last one is contact fretting. You have to understand how these three types of instances occur. This is in order for you to realize the reasons behind why electrical power fails to render its tasks even if manufacturers claim that it can withstand the most extreme of environments.

Failure # 1 – stress relaxation

Stress relaxation occurs when electric powers are exposed to a huge amount of pressure for an extended period of time. This amount of pressure changes not the dimension of the connectors but the structure of the metallic component. In the end, this causes weakening as well as slackening of the connection. When the temperature in the electrical component intensifies and when aluminum is added to the structure, stress relaxation worsens.

Failure # 2 – corrosion

Corrosion is a failure that occurs when electrical power connectors are exposed to outdoor environments coupled with extreme conditions. The first signs of corrosion in electrical systems are seen through the thin film development found on the contacts of the connectors. This is not a typical occurrence in corrosion signals for other types of systems.

The sad thing to note is that the thin film cannot be detected by the naked eye. Therefore, you cannot foresee the damage it can extend on the output. As this thin film develops even more, the greater the damage will be on the chemical properties of the product.

Failure # 3 – contact fretting

The last among the list of failures for electrical power connectors is known as contact fretting. This instance is brought about by changes in vibration and temperature. It can also be triggered when one of the connectors in the output suddenly changes its position. This may then extend to corrosion issues and at the worse may compromise the electrical current transmission in the system. To solve this type of issue, there is a need to lubricate the contact material.


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