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Robotic Grippers: Their Designs and Tool Exchange Mechanisms

Date Added: November 03, 2009 03:30:20 PM
Category: "A": Automation & Robotics

Robotic grippers are known to be crucial components of a robotic system. As the name implies, grippers are utilized in order to have a grip on objects. There are machineries that make use of these parts in order to pick and move other objects while some also consider the relevance of grippers when it comes to lift and release functions. Some of the industries depending on robotic grips are those performing pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical jobs.

If you will try to imagine how robotic grippers look like, the first image that would come to your mind is a hand. While there are robots with grippers that look like hands, there are also those that consider other designs for grippers. Important components of these systems are tool exchange mechanisms. Learn about these vitals through the following paragraphs.

Robotic gripper designs

The design of the robotic gripper is crucial to its proper functioning. There may be varieties to these designs but there are more basic features incorporated into the output. Each robot makes use of grippers that have grooves or slots. The slots are tools that make the robots capable of handling or holding into a certain component. There are also segmented digits utilized in order for the gripper to match with the ring groove of the device it will hold on to.

As for double robotic grippers, there are certain arrangements made to make them function best. In one instance, the grippers can be made in such a way that they can hold on another tool while they have picked a previous object. This is important in making the machine function faster. In some cases, however, there are those that make use of force matching. This alternative is recommended for carrying of heavy loads.
Tool exchange mechanisms for a robotic gripper

The tool exchange mechanism is important in a robotic gripper in that it enables the machine to render a more efficient technique in disposing its task. First, the system makes it possible for the devices to switch effectors. Second, it also makes the robot attain the flexibility required from it. Add to that the fact that tool exchange mechanisms also help in order for robots to perform different tasks for industrial purposes.

Remember however that tool exchange mechanisms for robotic grippers are not always automated. There are systems that need manual interference in order for the machine to operate. In this case, information technology professionals are needed to make the tool work more effectively.


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