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Standoff Fasteners: Gathering Basic Facts on this Product

Date Added: October 28, 2009 06:20:48 PM
Category: "F": Fasteners and Hardware

Standoff fasteners are electrical products that are relevant in electrical and magnetic purposes. The materials function in separating the different components within these systems. It is quite easy to determine a standoff fastener from that of its brothers and sisters in the league. This can be done by looking at how it is formed. A standoff fastener follows the shape of a rod and has a threaded end – making it possible for the product to serve its screwing purposes.

In order to understand more about standoff fasteners, there are certain facts you should gather. This is because of the fact that while there is a distinct design to these items, there are instances when the product can be designed according to the needs of the end user. In this regard, take a look at other basic facts on design, materials and production requirements.

Standoff fastener basic designs

The standoff fastener may be designed as plain as it was described above. However, there are instances that call for modification of these designs. For one, there are items that need insulation in order to prevent shorting of the different components. This is highly important in computer motherboard production as well as in completing the external wiring for the gadget.

In other instances, distance-spacers do play an important role as well. This design portion is highly critical in production of printed circuit boards. Distance spacers prevent friction between two or more internal components of the system. Some require standard standoffs or aluminum standoffs.

Standoff fastener basic materials

The most popular materials for production of standoff fasteners are copper, aluminum, ceramics and steel. These materials provide versatility for the output. But in other cases, brass may also be utilized in the process. Traditional techniques of producing these goods make use of marble as well while more modern techniques rely upon glass materials.

In order to come up with insulation, glazed ceramics is already adapted by industries. This type of material is important in providing support and functionality to the system. For systems that do not require electric insulation, other materials may be utilized.

Standoff fastener basic production requirements

Standoff fasteners are produced depending on the needs of the industry. There are those that require larger runs over other applications. In order to meet the requirements of the industry that make use of the product, custom designs are presented first to the end user. If there are any specific needs, then that will be injected in the production of the materials.


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