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Plastic Fabrication: A Focus on the Services Offered

Date Added: August 20, 2009 07:43:54 PM
Category: "P": Plastic Fabrication

Assembly of plastic parts will not be possible without the aid of plastic fabrication.  Under such services, forming, bending and machining of plastics are also included.  Different techniques are commonly employed depending on the material that a company works on.  A list of materials considered in the process is Plexiglas, polycarbonate, polymeric and acrylics.

There are various applications for plastic fabrication.  Think of the many uses of plastic and one will certainly find out what these applications are.  Plastic tanks are very common examples and are used in large aquariums to add capability to address the pressure from tons of water.  To some extent, the same service is utilized in chemical storage facilities for a wide array of concerns. 

Processes for plastic fabrication services

There are several processes used in machining plastic parts.  The fabrication is actually done through the help of forming, routing and bending.  Plastic forming is perhaps the most popular process among the three.  This one includes thermoforming – a process where heat is used in order to form or bend plastic sheets used in various industries.
Another popular plastic forming service is known as plastic vacuum forming.  This process uses a mold in order to come up with a desired shape out of the plastic used. 

The mold is then placed inside the so-called vacuum former together with a thin plastic sheet placed on top of the mold.  The heater is utilized in order to warm the plastic thus making the material more flexible.  While this process is being conducted, the mold is also pressed into the hot plastic material.  This type of plastic forming is conveniently used in order to produce different kinds of plastic products ranging from toys and dishes to more crucial parts of packaging.

What about plastic assembly?

This is a specialized form of service for fabricated plastics.  Plastic assembly purposes are achieved with the help of other production processes such as welding – hot plate, vibration and infrared and ultrasonic.  This is commonly done in order to join the plastic material with that of a metal.

Businesses offering plastic fabrication services are now geared to employing the most advanced manufacturing techniques and materials in order to have a competitive edge over their peers.  They are also investing much of their cash for raw materials cost.  Additionally, more industries in this line of service are always considering customer satisfaction.  Other forms of services included in creating fabricated plastics are injection molding, extrusion and compounding.


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