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Pneumatic Conveyor: Different Types Used in Several Industries

Date Added: July 21, 2009 07:05:13 PM
Category: "C": Conveyors & Components

A pneumatic conveyoris just one of the many industrial conveyors that are out in the market today.  It is a mechanical device making use of air pressure in order to transport a bulk of products from one point to the other.  It makes use of tubes and ducts during the process.  This product may be used in several industries and has several types.

Some of the most specific types of pneumatic conveyors are named according to the function it serves.  For instance, an accumulating conveyor is used in order to accumulate products and transport them to the end point of the system. 

Can conveyors on the other hand are especially helpful in industries where cans are essential parts of the business.  There are yet other specific types of a pneumatic conveyorlike bulk handling conveyors, continuous conveyors, automatic conveyors, flight conveyors and inclined conveyors.  Here are other types under this industrial product.

Magnetic chip conveyors

A magnetic chip conveyor is one that is often utilized in iron chip manufacture.  It operates by collecting the iron chips that passes through a coolant.  Usually the collection is made through the use of a trolley or a drum.  Most magnetic chip conveyors contain top surfaces that are made out of stainless steel.  This is important in order for the system to withstand wear and tear. 

It is called as a magnetic chip conveyor because it has magnets inside it.  The magnets are helpful in bringing out the impurities from ferrous in the system.  It is often a small component of broaching and bobbing machines and other machines for special purposes.
Roller conveyor

This is another pneumatic conveyorthat is useful in several industries.  Roller conveyors are utilized in conveying goods as it moves upwards and downwards on a horizontal inclination.  This conveyor system is important in heavy-duty applications as well as in material handling systems.  Roller conveyors are durable, functional and guarantees low operational cost.  They may also be customized according to width, height and length.

Submerged conveyor

One more type of pneumatic conveyorthat is popular in the market today is called the submerged conveyor.  This type of system is highly commendable in handling ash and coal combustions.  It consists of a scraper and a water seal.  A trough is situated between this two.  This part of a submerged conveyor is essential in order to prevent exposure of the atmosphere to the furnace's interior.  One more key part is the hydraulic actuator that allows easy removal of the submerged conveyor in cases when maintenance of the product is needed.


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