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Wireless Network Equipment: Samples of Products Included on the List

Date Added: July 21, 2009 07:01:50 PM
Category: "C": Communications & Network Equipment

A network is defined as a system of lines or people.  It is a pattern that typifies interconnecting lines that branch out from the main part of the system to its corresponding outlets.  While technology keeps on updating products, a network needs to have an upgrade as well.  This led to the conceptualization of the term wireless network equipment.

Developing the idea of wireless network equipmentarises from the fact that dealing with cables just to make a certain part of the network system work is quite a hassle.  Imagine those hanging wires on the street connected to vital appliances or gadgets in the home or in industrial businesses.  Sometimes, these wires are already eye sores in the community.  Wireless networks are now operating with the help of the following products.

Wireless networking routers

Basically, wireless networking routers are components of wireless systems that provide a bridge between an Internet connection and that of a wireless network.  A very popular example of such wireless equipment is a broadband router.  The latter operates with the use of a switch that contains four ports for Ethernet.  This allows more devices to operate in the network. 

Aside from the computer, printers and wide area networks are connected through the use of a broadband router.  Its multi-connection capability is its real advantage over wireless hubs.

Wireless modems

This category under wireless network equipmentincludes access points and radio points.  It operates through the use of electromagnetic waves while transmitting data.  Radio modems are example of wireless modems that are important in order to receive and transmit signals from and to another modem.  An access point wireless modem, on the other hand, is important in order to achieve network connectivity.  When buying this equipment, it is important to look into the modem's speed in consonance with the network type.

Network cards and controllers

Also provided in the list of wireless network equipmentare network cards and controllers.  These are generally expansion boards that allow a computer to connect with an existing network.  They are popularly known as network adapters and are sometimes referred to as network interface cards.

 When looking for such items in the market, one must be able to check on the network's protocol and configuration at the same time assess processor specifications including memory and options.  Environmental parameters should be taught of as well.  Some of the most common features of network cards and controllers are military standard and direct memory access.


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