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Chemicals, Food and Things That Consumer Should Take Note Of

Date Added: July 21, 2009 06:58:37 PM
Category: "C": Chemicals

Food manufacturers often make use of additives or chemicals to add more value to a certain product.  There are some issues and controversies linked to these chemicals.  Food, as others see it, is better when natural rather than utilizing artificial ingredients.  While this is the case, a lot of manufacturers claim that there are a lot of food additives coming from natural origins.

In a more general sense, the United States FDA defines food additives as those that alter the physical characteristics of a certain substance.  Such may either change the food's color and appearance.  Internally, though, there are other things one may enjoy from these chemicals.  Food and its shelf life will be extended because of these additives.  As consumers, you may want to learn more about other facts on food additives.

Functions of food additives

Apart from what is mentioned above, there are still other functions you may derive from food additives.  At times they are valuable in food preservation activities such as air entrapment and maintenance of flow properties in the product.  It may also add fragrance, flavor and sweeten goodies.  Additionally, it acts in demulsifying, fermenting and enhancing the food served on your tables.

Among this listed functions of food additives, you will see why it has been accepted by a lot of individuals.  As it maintains the consistency of the product, it is also able to maintain its nutritional value.  This is done by adding some sort of vitamins and minerals in the food.  The preservatives in food additives also results to maintaining the palatability of the food thus making more people enjoy the use of these chemicals.  Food additives are also capable of controlling the acidity of the products you eat.

Types of food additives

In order to address the issues related to food additives, manufacturers considered using other forms to enhance the quality of food.  Artificial additives are of course ever popular.  These are manmade chemicals.  Natural additives on the other hand are those extracted from natural sources and does not require too much processing for these chemicals. 

Food additives may also be organic and inorganic.  Types of organic chemicals are alcohols, esters, halogenated hydrocarbons, glycol ethers and waxes whereas the most common inorganic food additive is salt.  Food additives may be further classified according to how it is formed.  Some examples of which are flakes, chunks, pellets granules and other crushed materials.


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