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Electrical Supply

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Electrical Standoff Insulators: A Look at the Different Types of Materials for Different Types of In

Nov 24, 2009 |
Any industry that depends upon electrical standoff insulators should always look at the materials used in making one. This article presents some of the most commonly used materials for various types of insulators. ... Read more

Supercapacitors: Different Designs and Applications for this Double-Layer Capacitor

Nov 17, 2009 |
Supercapacitors are double-layer capacitors that may be utilized by industries that have higher electric charge requirements. Learn about how they are designed and where they are commonly applied. ... Read more

Electrical Power Connectors: Get to Know Its Various Types under Two General Categories

Nov 10, 2009 |
Electrical power connectors are critical to the functioning of batteries as well as power grid supplies. These are sub-categorized into two general types known as voltage dependent and individual types. Learn more about the different types found under each general category. ... Read more

Electrical Power Connectors: Some Instances that Make them Fail

Nov 3, 2009 |
Electrical power connectors are known to deal with extreme environments. But just like in other systems, they cannot avoid failure. Learn about the most common types of failures encountered by these industrial products. ... Read more

Electrical Equipment - Differentiating One Machine From the Other

Jun 22, 2009 |
Electrical equipment is defined as any type of machine whose main power source comes from electricity. More often than not, the entire package is made with an enclosure, electrical components and the power switch. At some instances though, the equipment may refer only to electrical distribution system components. ... Read more