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Dwyer Instruments, Inc

Sep 19, 2009 |
Dwyer Instruments, Inc is a leading manufacturer of anemometers, industrial controls & instruments. Our anemometers includes digital thermo-anemometers, vane thermo-anemometers, mini-vane ... Read more

NovaLynx Corp

Sep 19, 2009 |
NovaLynx Corp is a custom manufacturer of weather monitoring instruments & systems includes rain & snow gauges, anemometers, wind vane, graphical display software, weather meters and etc. Our ... Read more

Testo Inc

Sep 19, 2009 |
Testo Inc is an manufacturer of anemometers including vane anemometers, thermal anemometers & vane probe anemometers. We provide handheld analytical instrumentation including combustion efficiency ... Read more

Shortridge Instruments, Inc

Sep 19, 2009 |
Shortridge Instruments, Inc is an leading manufacturer of air velocity & flow meters & anemometers. Our anemometers are used to obtain direct air flow readings with an 8400 FlowHood Kit. ... Read more


Sep 19, 2009 |
MeterMall.com offers a wide selection of anemometers for directly measuring wind and air velocity. Vane anemometers are the best choice for measuring wind speed. We provide air speed meter, wind speed ... Read more